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Become a Web Developer
Become a Designer

Our mission: help everyone pursue their craft and improve their lives

Bloc is an online education company with intensive mentor-led programs for aspiring developers and designers.

We combine skilled mentors and project-based curriculum to offer students around the world a more accessible and effective alternative to traditional degrees.

We are actively recruiting in roles across the company. Come work with us!

Mentor Team

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Kinsey Durham
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Niki Brown
Emanuel Quimper
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Matt Warren
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Angie Ellis
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Mike Dekker
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Chelsea Otakan
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Bill Tran
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Matt Thompson
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Valorie Dodge
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Wesley Smith
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Zach Zimbler
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Cory Trimm
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Juan Martin Garcia
Learn more about our team on the Thinkful about page!

Bloc in the News

For press inquiries please contact us at
press@bloc.io or call us at (650)-741-5682

This Guy Rode a Boot Camp to Startup Success

Eliam Medina took Bloc's Rails Web Development program to learn how to build a prototype for Willing, his startup, which ended up being the fastest growing startup in Y-Combinator's Summer 2015 Class and getting funded by top investors.

Klint finley
Klint Finley

How a Developer Boot Camp Marched Its Way to Millions

The story of Bloc's founding, how its online bootcamp experience works for students, and future plans for growth.

Michelle goodman
Michelle Goodman

How Do You Learn To Code?

Roshan Choxi, Bloc's CEO, gives 3 critical pieces of advice on how to learn to code - focus on habits, not goals, overcome the pain of learning alone by having a mentor and belonging to a community, and build things.

Roshan Choxi

Here's what you should know about those 99% job placement rates at 'coding bootcamps’

Why some bootcamps aren't completely authentic when making claims about their job placement rates.

Nathan mcalone
Nathan McAlone

Coding bootcamps are replacing computer science degrees

Roshan Choxi, Bloc's CEO, argues that the rise of coding bootcamps has diminished the need for Computer Science degrees, the curricula for which are antiquated in a rapidly evolving field.

Roshan Choxi

Bloc’s Guarantee: Get a Job as a Programmer or Your Money Back

Announcing the launch of Bloc's Software Engineering Track. This 48-week intensive program, combining Computer Science fundamentals with practical programming skills, better prepares students to get jobs at top tech companies than do traditional bootcamps.

Klint finley
Klint Finley

Come Innovate With Us

We're a product-driven team committed to providing outstanding experiences to our students and mentors. If you or someone you know wants to make a positive impact on education, email us at with why you're interested and an example of work. We are actively recruiting full-stack software engineers with excellent product taste.

Title Duration Location
Grading Team Member, Design Part Time Remote
Technical Coach Part Time Remote
Grading Team Member, Development Full Time Remote