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Bloc Students Thrive in the Wild

Armed with portfolios of real projects and insights gleaned from working closely with their mentor, Bloc alumni go on to start new careers, launch start-ups, and bring their ideas to life.

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Companies with Bloc Alumni

I can put something out in my industry that no one else has done. This is going to be phenomenal for my career.
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Joel ∙ Rails Web Development
Building my portfolio is what I'll use to get a job. I'll really have the ability to show employers that I can think through problems.
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Theresa ∙ UX/UI Design
Bloc is a great way to go. The 1:1 interaction with someone in the industry is imperative.
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Umar ∙ Rails Web Development
Got a job within 2 days of graduating. If you're struggling, keep plugging away, the rewards are definitely worth it.
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Andrew ∙ Rails Web Development
This experience has been so significant for me in so many ways, and I'm so thankful for you guys.
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Marta ∙ UX/UI Design
"I like that the Bloc content isn't just something you can Google - it's original, and goes beyond the other resources out there"
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Katrina ∙ UX/UI Design
Having someone dedicated to answering your questions is really valuable. [My mentor] was really knowledgeable.
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Ryan ∙ Rails Web Development
Building things from scratch is extremely helpful. You can do all the tutorials in the world, but putting it all together in a project is critical.
Adrian ∙ iOS Development
"[Bloc] teaches you the right stuff to get started coding apps which would've taken much longer if I was doing it on my own. I would have known half of what I know now."
Luiz ∙ iOS Development
"I think I’ve learned what I need to become a Junior Web Programmer from here. Bloc’s experience is worth the money."
Dsc 0212
Lei ∙ Rails Web Development
"If you want something done, you have to go at it by yourself in some capacity. If you get stuck take a break, clear your mind, and come back to it."
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Courtney ∙ UX/UI Design
"Paul, my mentor, wouldn't just answer my questions, he would give me more resources. He taught me how to find the answer myself."
Julicia ∙ iOS Development
"Both Chris and Ben are incredible. They both know their stuff and I really appreciated when I had time to work with them. It was a great learning experience!"
Dale photo 2
Dale ∙ Full Stack Web Developer Track
"I like the fact that [the mentors] are out of reach. It pushes you to keep pressing toward a solution on your own"
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Dan ∙ Rails Web Development
Now having gone through the program, if I can think it up, I can create it. In mobile, in a browser, across the board. I can do so much more than I even expected.
Britney jake charliemaddiewedding
Jake ∙ Frontend Web Development
"I wouldn't have learned any of this without Bloc. You can self-teach most programming languages but to have someone answering questions really makes the process faster."
Mark ∙ Android Development
If you want to learn something and if you have time to concentrate on a program, Bloc is the right thing to do.
Praveena ∙ Rails Web Development
"I learned how to ask questions—you have to ask the correct question to get the right answer."
20140902 230841
Raymond ∙ Rails Web Development
It's such a great experience—I have no words for it. I would do it over and over again and down the line I'll probably take another Bloc course.
Img 0688
William ∙ Frontend Web Development
Eliot [my mentor] actually looked at my code and I learned a lot from that personal feedback. That 1-on-1 relationship was my favorite part of the program.
1148822 10151833047031420 2081561952 n
JaYa ∙ Rails Web Development
I have loved my learning and would certainly recommend bloc to a friend!
Sullivan ∙ Frontend Web Development
"[My mentor] Matt Tanguay-Carel was great! He was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of."
Benji ∙ Rails Web Development
"Have patience. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Learning new things is difficult, but once you solve those problems you become a bit more motivated."
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Abdullah ∙ Frontend Web Development
“Everything has been great, everyone here is nice. You guys are doing something right."
311457 10151316119391974 620170074 n
J. Terrell ∙ UX/UI Design
“The whole workflow was really eye-opening. My relations with my clients are a lot more productive now, and I'm able to speak their language."
Avatar new
Chris ∙ iOS Development
“Find a mentor, especially one that you can match with finding out what you do now. This is knowledge to run with.”
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Matthew ∙ Rails Web Development
"Be persistent in working through any problem, and not giving up on trying to figure out the problem, very important in life and programming."
Brad glasses hair
Brad ∙ Rails Web Development
“Stay on track with the work, because the checkpoints are really good. Some are longer than others, but you’ll have a better idea of what your progress should be.”
Narin ∙ Rails Web Development
"As a developer, it opened a whole new world for me. I am really happy with Bloc. It can change your professional career and open very exciting new options."
Photo 25
Miguel ∙ Rails Web Development
"I feel that I had a really involved mentor who I could reach out to when I needed help with web-related issues, or when I wanted feedback on new ideas."
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Shayon ∙ Rails Web Development
"Bloc really helped me get rid of the negative association I had with learning how to code. I proved to myself that I could learn to code and build something useful."
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Hiram ∙ Rails Web Development
"Bloc was a stepping stone for me into the world of web. My career used to be limited by a lack of programming skills, but now I can step into any job confidently."
Henry ∙ Rails Web Development
"I forgot how much I loved programming Assembly and Basic in my Commodore 64 days, and you not only helped me with my startup, you made me feel in love again."
Photo on 3 8 13 at 8.27 am
Constantino ∙ Rails Web Development
Bloc was a great experience not only for learning Rails, but for the coding fundamentals you learn that apply to any language or framework you'll pick up in your career as a developer.
Open uri20131029 9 aud0mz?1383077090
Ben ∙ Rails Web Development
"I had the direction I needed to figure out what I needed to learn, and I was able to get help applying new concepts to my Capstone."
Sasha ∙ Rails Web Development
“Thanks to Bloc, my life is on a new and much better path than before. If I had to sum up my experience in one word, I would say, PHENOMENAL.”
Bloc profile pic
Forrest ∙ Rails Web Development
"(My mentor) went above and beyond, and sometimes would go over on meetings, and was always very willing to lend a hand. That felt really special."
Nathan ∙ Rails Web Development
“I think Bloc gave me more confidence so that I can produce working code.”
David ∙ Rails Web Development
"In order to be a good Rails programmer, you have to have a good understanding of Ruby itself. The better you know Ruby, the easier time you’ll have with Rails."
Kevin ∙ Rails Web Development
"The best part was that feeling of finishing an app and moving on to the next one. The feeling of 'I did this!' and having a good portfolio is gratifying and useful."
Shawn ∙ Rails Web Development
"Sometimes order/structure is needed to coax someone out of a lull. Bloc definitely provided that, especially with its tight project deadlines."
Erik ∙ Rails Web Development
"[I] think [Bloc] was a tremendous help and I made some apps that I’m really proud of.”
Fernando ∙ Rails Web Development
“After many years of studying and teaching human languages, I’ve developed a new interest in learning computer languages. I’m excited to see what the future will hold!"
Valerie ∙ Rails Web Development
“I looked forward to every [mentor] meeting and what would come out of it.”
Apr 0473 2
Michael ∙ Rails Web Development
Chris appreciated the “chance to pick the brain of someone who’s already in the game, and [learn] how they would approach something.”
Christopher ∙ Rails Web Development
“I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself, or through Treehouse. You need that person to explain things.”
Devan ∙ Rails Web Development
“I loved the projects and the tutorial for building the app. It’s phenomenal... I’ve seen a lot of tutorials, and [Bloc’s] was so great."
Adam ∙ Rails Web Development
"I really liked that it taught you how to apply your knowledge to the project. It was innovative and resourceful at the same time; it’s like being in your own sandbox."
Stephen ∙ Rails Web Development
“Just one year after attending the Bloc program I have been able to build a fully integrated e-commerce website.”
Open uri20130310 21 13claq9?1362951663
Robert ∙ Rails Web Development
"Make sure you have goals in mind. If you don’t have that inspiration then it’s harder to move through. Everything clicked because I was shooting for something specific.”
Seth ∙ Rails Web Development

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