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Build Android apps with an expert mentor. Part-time or full-time.

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Material Design

Program Highlights

Our Android Fundamentals teaches students to build full featured mobile applications. You will learn about the Android operating system, views, resources, databases, network requests, and much more. Bloc programs are intensive and outcome-oriented. They combine an immersive learning experience with online flexibility:

  • Mentorship 1-on-1 Mentorship With an Experienced Developer
  • Projects Real Mobile Application Development

Learning at Bloc

Learn Anytime From Anywhere

Pace Options

16 Weeks
25 hrs per wk 2 Mentor Meetings per wk
32 Weeks
10 hrs per wk 1 Mentor Meeting per wk

Choose a Dedicated Mentor

  • Ensure that you understand core concepts
  • Hold you accountable and keep you on track
  • Code review your projects and assignments

Build a Portfolio of Projects

Our curriculum is written by Bloc’s experienced developers and designers. As you progress through the Program with a Mentor, you’ll build a portfolio of three to five projects to enhance your skills.

Bloc is like a personal trainer. In the beginning, we’re lifting most of the weight and you’re learning the techniques and how to use the machines. But towards the end of the program, you’re doing all the lifting and we’re there to spot you.
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Stan Idesis
Android Fundamentals Director
- Android Fundamentals Director Stan Idesis

Android Fundamentals Syllabus

Android roadmap


In Bloc’s Android Fundamentals, you’ll forge the skills required to create your own projects. You’ll learn common developer tools such as Git, GitHub and the command line. You’ll study Java, one of the world's most popular programming languages. Finally, you’ll build Blocly, an RSS reader inspired by Google’s Material Design and powered by the latest version of Android.

Learn common developer tools like Git, GitHub, and the command line
Study Java, Android’s primary programming language
Build a real RSS reader app

Android project


In the Project Phase of your apprenticeship, you’ll leverage the fundamentals learned in the Foundation Phase to build three to five production quality apps. You’ll work on a series of applications to create a portfolio that showcases your talent. During the Project Phase, your mentor will be your client, senior developer, and project manager. Your mentor will provide project requirements, feedback, code reviews, and advice.

Build 3-5 Production-Quality Android Applications


Blocly Release Candidate

Adds features to the foundation project and prepares it for release.



Combines Yelp search results with GeoFences to create a location-aware Point-of-Interest tracker.



Uses Android's flexible architecture to build an alternative SMS client.



Integrates Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to create a unified photo browsing experience.



Uses Parse's cloud service to build a Quora replica that allows users to ask and answer questions.



Allow students to choose the technologies that interest them and incorporate them into a project of their own design.

A Curriculum Catered to Your Goals

Wayne androidheadshot

Build A Product

Wayne Johnson

As a pilot who regularly flies internationally, Wayne created an app through Bloc's Android Program that helps fellow pilots and travelers with exchange rates.

Alumni android screenshot

Bloc Android Alumnus

Meet Renee