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The True Cost of Coding Bootcamps

Thinking about a coding bootcamp to start a career as a full-time software developer? Bloc has spoken with thousands of prospective students and we’ve consistently heard the same question: "How do I sort through all of these options?"

So we created this True Cost Calculator to reveal the real costs incurred with an online or in-person coding bootcamp.

The Hidden Costs of Full-Time Bootcamps

Lost income
Lost Income

If you choose to quit your job to learn to code, you forego income while you study and spend a few months job hunting. Part-time coding bootcamps don't require you to quit your job so you keep your income.

Relocation Costs

If you need to move to another city to attend an in-person bootcamp, you’ll have moving costs and an increased cost of living. Online coding bootcamps allow you to stay where you are and complete the program remotely.

The Bottom Line

  • Understand the true cost

    Full-time, in-person bootcamps can cost thousands of dollars in lost income and relocation costs.

  • Optimize for cost vs length

    Full-time, in-person bootcamps have a higher overall cost. Online bootcamps cost less, but often take longer.

  • Plan to work hard

    Whichever you choose, attending a coding bootcamp is a commitment on your part. You're changing your career, and that takes work!