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Become a Web Developer
Become a Designer

Navigating the Coding Bootcamp Ecosystem

Comparing Price, Length, & Workload of Learn to Code Courses.

1 Let's get started. What's your goal?

Learn the basics of
web development
Goal chart 1
Hack together
my own ideas
Goal chart 2
Land a job as a
junior developer
Junior Dev
Goal chart 3
We analyzed 12 popular programs for learning how to code. Each group of programs focuses on a different outcome. Finding a program that fits your goals is the first step to figuring out what type of program you should choose.
Hours of practice
Programming Skill

Goal: {{group.goal}}

2 How long is each program? What’s the weekly workload?

The best part about learning to code? There are a ton of options to fit your life. Time and intensity play a factor. Choose a program length and level that matches your goals and fits your lifestyle. Some programs require you to attend in person, while others allow you to learn remotely on your own schedule.

3 How much will I learn when the program’s done?

We’ve taken each program’s recommended weekly workload (15hrs/week, for example) and calculated how much time it would take to reach a minimum of 500 hours of experience — a decent chunk of the 10,000 hours required to master a skill.

4 How much is the total cost of each program?


Low cost subscription