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Designer Track

Aim higher than good. Master the design skills to deliver on great.

The highest rated online bootcamp on SwitchUp.


A comprehensive program, training the digital designers of tomorrow

Bloc designers are end-to-end problem solvers. Our graduates are among the most competitive new hires in the industry.

Bloc designers are end-to-end problem solvers. Our graduates are among the most competitive new hires in the industry.


Bloc is built for the outcomes that you want

Andrew Levinson

Chicago, IL

Bloc's program absolutely changed my life - almost all of it is due to my mentor. He taught me how to think as a designer, which is much more important than learning any tools. My ability to make justified design decisions with a process is the only reason I designed my first app and subsequently got my new Product Designer job.

Before Bloc, Andrew was a Finance and Accounting Consultant. Now, he is a Product Designer at Devbridge Group.

Melissa JAÉN

Santa Monica, CA

Bloc changed my life because it gave me an entirely new skill set that is marketable, that will enable me to work remotely one day, and that might even lead to awesome amalgamations of linguistics and UX, like conversation design, interfaceless UX, and working with systems like Siri and Alexa!

Before Bloc, Melissa was a TEFL Certification Instructor. Now she is a Web Designer at PatientPop.

Kristen Stevens

Austin, TX

With the knowledge I have gained at Bloc, I now have experience in product, UX, and front-end development, which is incredible in tech. With the skills I have gained, I can be more versatile and work better with the teams I lead and most importantly, I know how to empathize with users and build products that meet their needs.

Before Bloc, Kristen was a Product Manager at AthenaHealth. Now, she is an Associate Product Manager at Kasasa.


The industry's original Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee


We guarantee that if you don't find a paying offer in design within 180 days of graduation, you will receive your entire tuition back.
Our holistic program includes:
  • Flexibility to learn from anywhere, on your schedule
  • Accountability of 1-on-1 mentorship with an experienced designer
  • Structured curriculum covering the end-to-end design process
  • Robust Career Services and Student Success support throughout the entire program
  • Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee
What we hold you accountable for:
  • Complete the program requirements in full with mentor approval
  • Dedicate time to your job search consistently after your program ends
  • Communicate with us about your progress and goals throughout
  • Read the detailed requirements for the Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee


Bloc’s curriculum is designed with data from thousands of students

Build a professional portfolio of 4–6 case studies that you are confident in

Complete an assessment after every project, as interviewing practice

Access to a lifelong community of 4,000+ students, alumni, and mentors

Before you start
Orientation & Program Prep
  • Meet your community.
  • Get familiar with your machine and your design tools.
  • Understand the best practices for collaborating with others.
  • Set yourself up for success.
  • Assessment: Program prep quiz and orientation quiz
Featured student: Benjamin Howards
Module 1
Design Fundamentals
  • Understand the fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Understand and apply typography, grid, and color principles.
  • Create low-fidelity mockups and user test them.
  • Create high-fidelity interactive prototypes with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Assessment: Independent exercises covering user experience, visual design, and frontend coding
Featured student: Jovan Laurencio
Module 2
Design Intensive
  • Lead the user-centered design process.
  • Justify your design decisions based off of fundamental design principles and user feedback.
  • Build responsive, interactive prototypes with DOM scripting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write about and articulate your design process clearly.
  • Assessment: Portfolio review with Program Director
Featured student: Angela Yang
Module 3
Immersive Projects
  • Identify and iterate on a problem for a new product.
  • Identify and iterate on a problem for an existing product.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively on a team of designers and engineers.
  • Assessment: 1-on-1 project review


Bloc offers payment plans to suit your comfort level

Upfront payment Payment period Monthly payment Total cost
Bloc $9,800 $9,800
$2,450 3 months $2,450 $9,800
$3,000 12 months $625 $10,500
Skills Fund loan
Skills Fund loan
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Interest Only
None 3 years $76* $12,505
None 5 years $93* $14,320
Immediate Repayment
None 3 years $324 $11,666
None 5 years $222 $13,293

* Interest-only calculations are based off of the 36-week pace. Monthly payments will vary slightly based on program pace. Monthly payments for interest only loans begin to include principal repayment two months after program completion, which represents 93% deferred tuition.

Pace Options

Bloc offers three paces for Designer Track:

  • 72 weeks: 15–20 hours per week, 1 mentor meeting per week
  • 36 weeks: 25–30 hours per week, 2 mentor meetings per week
  • 24 weeks: 40+ hours per week, 3 mentor meetings per week

Tuition and payment plan options are the same regardless of the pace you choose. All paces include Career Services support and lifelong access to the Bloc student and alumni community. A Student Advisor can help you decide which pace is right for you.

Payment Plans

Financing options available for manageable monthly payments. We accept credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, checks, and PayPal.


Diversity and Merit Based Scholarships available. Schedule a call to learn more.

Refund Policy

We'll provide you with a full refund if you drop out within 7 days of starting your course. If you choose to drop out later, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of days you've spent in the program, minus a non-refundable fee of $250.

Considering enrolling?

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