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Bloc is built for busy people. Whether you want to become a designer as soon as possible or learn while you keep your job, we’ve got you covered.

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Bloc Team

360 Support ensures you’ll always find the answers

Bloc Team

We offer expert instruction and guidance

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A holistic approach to teaching design

Bloc designers are end-to-end problem solvers. Our graduates are among the most competitive new hires in the industry. Explore our curriculum for more details.

  • • Build a professional portfolio with 3-6 projects
  • • Mastery learning assessments that model real interviews
  • • Job-ready certificate that signals Bloc’s stamp of approval to employers
  • Orientation & Program Prep

    • • Meet your community.
    • • Get familiar with your machine and your design tools.
    • • Understand the best practices for collaborating with others.
    • • Set yourself up for success.
    • • Assessment: Program prep quiz and orientation quiz
  • Master an understanding of design terminology and interfaces using industry tools and the ability to integrate user experience knowledge to analyse, evaluate and define solutions.

    • • Able to describe the day-to-day life of the UX/UI designer, the role of UX/UI designer in modern organizations, the main topics and branches of UX/UI designer, and common UX/UI designer tools.
    • • Able to describe the foundations of user experience design used and research techniques used to create user centered product solutions.
    • • Able to explain the foundations of user interface design including design movements, accessibility and usability.
  • Master the capacity to work theoretically and practically in the design and user experience process to complete a full design cycle effectively.

    • • Able to apply the discovery phase to ensure products are user-centered and utilize requirements for researching and planning to complete a scaffolded project.
    • • Able to interpret requirements into usable user experience design artifacts: personas, user stories, user flows, wireframes and low fidelity prototypes to complete a scaffolded project.
    • • Able to leverage moodboards, branding requirements, marketing requirements and technical requirements to create impressive visual designs and utilize the science of great visual design to complete a scaffolded project.
    • • Able to apply usability testing, prototyping and reporting to produce deliverables for a scaffolded project.
  • Master capacity to work effectively as successful contributor of a team as well as demonstrated mastery in the design process, design thinking and user experience.

    • • Able to explain the real world process of team collaboration, checkpoints and product design as a key element of a team.
    • • Able to demonstrate real world exposure to creating a product from a team perspective and use the product design cycle to understand and define a product solution.
    • • Able to use the product design process to create visual designs and deliver a product prototype.
  • Create a first draft of an exceptional personal portfolio

    • • Able to prepare the initial background material, and apply sketching and wireframing techniques to define a personal portfolio project.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of a specialization in user experience research, visual design or front end design.

    • • Able to tap into real world exposure to a specialization in User Experience, Visual Design, front end or usability.
    • • Able to understand processes and deliverables of User Experience, Visual Design, Front End Design or usability.
    • • Able to create deliverables consumable by enterprises to demonstrate product design knowledge
  • Complete an independent UX/UI design capstone.

    • • Able to use the agile product design process to iterate through the product design cycle in a real world scenario. Use the discovery process to understand the product need.
    • • Able to work through the product design cycle to define a product solution.
    • • Able to work through the product design cycle to develop the visual design and deliver a functional prototype.
  • Create and publish a final draft of an exceptional personal portfolio.

    • • Able to demonstrate design process proficiency through a refined personal portfolio.
  • Get hired as a UX/UI designer.

    • • Able to build and nurture a professional network.
    • • Able to compile a set of professional branding assets to use effectively across multiple platforms.
    • • Able to successfully conduct technical job interviews and demonstrate competencies.
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    Flexible payments for a self-paced program

    $8,500 CASH UPFRONT for 8 months of instruction


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      Monthly payments of $1,200 ($9,600 total)

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