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Become a
Frontend Developer

  • Design and code beautiful interactive websites
  • Master HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and intermediate level Sass and JQuery
  • Learn Advanced Frontend Frameworks like AngularJS

Weekly Mentor Meetings

Meet every week, 1-on-1, with an experienced mentor invested in your success.

Build Real Apps

No more video-tutorials. Instead, learn by building four fully-functional apps.

Tailored to You

Learn from anywhere, day or night. Get a curriculum customized to your interests and goals.


Building blocs

Foundation One Third Of Your Apprenticeship

In your first four weeks, you will establish a solid foundation of frontend development by building a clone of Rdio, a streaming music service. This initial project will give you a solid base in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and also expose you to standard developer tools—Git and Heroku.

Building Real Projects Two Thirds Of Your Apprenticeship

Next you will build upon this foundation by choosing 4 web apps from a menu of options. Each app is designed to reinforce skills and layer-in new concepts. You’ll learn frontend frameworks and libraries including jQuery, AngularJS, and JavaScript testing frameworks. For your last two weeks, you and your mentor will work on a capstone project of your choice. This project will tie together and showcase the skills that you have learned as part of the course.

More About How A Bloc Apprenticeship Works

Job Prep

Complete our Job Prep Curriculum and learn what it takes to land a job in your new field.

As a Bloc student, you will have access to our Job Prep Curriculum. This is an optional part of your course which you can choose to work through with your mentor once you have sufficiently completed the Foundation and Project Phases.


Three Mock Interviews


Study Questions from Top Employers

Personal brand

Personal Brand Consultation

The Hiring Process

  • Create your portfolio and craft your personal brand with GitHub, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Know what to expect with curated advice from the experienced professional developers in our Mentor Community.
  • Real interview questions and answers from leading tech companies.

Interview coaching

  • Complete a practice phone screen and two in-depth technical interviews with your mentor
  • Master the technical interview with personalized feedback and coaching.
  • Learn how to handle objections and salary negotiations.

Mentor Spotlight

Mentor joe 2x

Joe Lipper

Joe has 4 years of development experience and was previously the co-founder and lead developer for Lapel.co, an angel-backed startup. In addition to mentoring with Bloc, Joe is hard at work on another startup.

Mentor maxwell

Matthew Maxwell

Matthew is a JavaScript evangelist with 8 years of developer experience. Prior to Bloc, he worked with Clearwire and numerous startups, and is actively involved with Startup Weekend in Pensacola, FL.

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Student Work

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Bloc Jams

A Replica of Spotify

You'll build your own working version of the popular music app that works in the browser.

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pick the pace that fits your life

12 weeks
40 Hours / Week
Three mentor meetings each week
18 weeks
25-30 Hours / Week
Two mentor meetings each week
36 weeks
12-15 Hours / Week
One mentor meeting each week


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Our refund policy is simple:

If you cancel within the first week, you'll get a full refund. If you drop out later, you'll pay a prorated rate for the number of days you were enrolled, plus a non-refundable cancellation fee of $500.


Tuition can be paid upfront or over six installments. The installment plan: one payment of $1333.35 upon enrollment, and 5 monthly installments of $833.33. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal.


Bloc believes in promoting diversity in software development and design. We select 9 students for a $500 partial scholarship.

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