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Build iOS apps with an expert mentor. Part-time or full-time.

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Program Highlights

Our iOS Developer Fundamentals teaches students to build full featured iOS apps. You’ll learn how iOS works, and how to create views, animations, network requests, and much more. Bloc programs are intensive and outcome-oriented. They combine an immersive learning experience with online flexibility:

  • Mentorship 1-on-1 Mentorship With an Experienced iOS Developer
  • Projects Learning by Building Real iOS Apps

Learning at Bloc

Learn Anytime From Anywhere

Pace Options

16 Weeks
25 hrs per wk 2 Mentor Meetings per wk
32 Weeks
10 hrs per wk 1 Mentor Meeting per wk

Choose a Dedicated Mentor

  • Ensure that you understand core concepts
  • Hold you accountable and keep you on track
  • Code review your projects and assignments

Build a Portfolio of Projects

Our curriculum is written by Bloc’s experienced developers and designers. As you progress through the Program with a Mentor, you’ll build a portfolio of three to five projects to enhance your skills.

Having a mentor work with you one-on-one in real time is a huge benefit. It's a transfer of knowledge and insight from a professional that you just can't get from a tutorial.
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Steve Schauer
Squad Lead
- Squad Lead Steve Schauer

iOS Fundamentals Syllabus

Ios roadmap


In Bloc’s iOS Fundamentals, you’ll learn the skills required to create iOS apps. The Foundation section introduces developer tools such as Xcode, Git, GitHub, and the command line. You’ll spend several weeks learning Objective-C, the primary language used for iOS development. After exploring the newer language for iOS - Swift - you’ll build three iOS apps: a conversion calculator app, a web browser app, and an Instagram app.

Learn common tools like Xcode, Git, and GitHub
Learn Objective-C and get introduced to Swift
Write a conversion calculator app, a web browser app, and an Instagram app.

Ios project


In the Project Phase of your apprenticeship, you’ll leverage the fundamentals learned in the Foundation Phase to build three to five production quality apps. You’ll work on a series of apps using either Objective-C or Swift to create a portfolio that showcases your talent. During the Project Phase, your mentor will be your client, senior developer, and project manager. Your mentor will provide project requirements, feedback, code reviews, and advice.

Build 3-5 Production-Quality iOS Apps


Blocstagram Watch

Add an Apple Watch extension to the Instagram app you created in the Foundation Phase.



Build a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth chat app that allows users to message friends without an Internet connection.



Use UIKit Dynamics, a physics-based animation engine, to build a working replica of Pong.



Use Parse to build a Q&A community like Quora.



Build a note-taking app that syncs with iCloud.



Use Apple Maps, Core Location, and Local Notifications to discover new places and exciting adventures!


Swiftris Plus

Build a Tetris clone with Game Center integration and VoiceOver accessibility features.



Define, scope, and build a project of your choice.

A Curriculum Catered to Your Goals

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Enhance Your Career

Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo is a Jr. Developer at a trade association, and enrolled in Bloc's iOS apprenticeship to to build a mobile app for his company's encyclopedia of knowledge.

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Bloc iOS Alumnus

Meet Doug