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Some really great people mentored me through the start of my journey with Rails. It was the best introduction I could possibly have had. I think the mentor-apprentice model of learning is one of the most useful ways to learn, and the most rewarding ways to teach.



  • WDT Server-Side Ruby on Rails

  • SDT Backend

  • WDT Frontend Frameworks

  • WDT Backend

  • WDT Frontend

  • SDT Frontend

  • 5 years of experience

About Ben

  • Mountain Time (US & Canada)

  • Boise, Country Unknown

  • bmneely

Operating Systems

  • OS X

  • Linux

Ben’s Story

I've been working in web development pretty much since I started school for my CS degree. I worked on a couple of small projects with mainly HTML and CSS on my own before getting an internship at URS. At URS I worked with the web applications team on .NET web applications. Since joining Uceem in March I've been developing (and loving) our Rails based website. My time at Uceem has definitely been my favorite project. I've been able to work in the backend and the front-end and really gotten a feel for all levels of Rails development. Plus Rails is just so much fun to work with.

I love the puzzle solving aspect of coding. I love the feeling you get after working on a difficult problem when you suddenly realized the answer and everything clicks together. I also like the creative potential that coding allows, if you have an idea, you can make it happen.

When I'm not coding, I love reading any genre of book, biking on non-inclined paved surfaces, sushi and pizza (often in the same meal), and a good amber beer.


Some projects Ben has worked on.

I love that Bloc takes the traditional and effective method of the mentor-apprentice relationship and makes it global.