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  • DT Foundations

  • DT Fundamentals

  • DTv1 UX/UI

  • DTv1 Frontend

  • 17 years of experience

About Chris

Operating Systems

  • OS X

Chris’s Story

If you've made your way to this profile, I'm going to guess that you are ready to grow.

I've been designing things for close to two decades now, but only in the past six years did I leave print behind and jump online. Well, I skipped online first and jumped straight into mobile. But as the internet continued to evolve, apps became less sexy and the web just keep getting cooler.

That's really the great thing about the internet and why I'm excited that you are jumping in the pool now.

We have an abundance of tools at our disposal that allow us to really DESIGN online now. We can do things with relative ease that just a few years ago would have been incredibly difficult.

But while designing online might be easier than ever, you must remember that design is about restraint.

I've won awards in every medium that I've ever attempted to work in, and I can tell you that it wasn't because I was a master of a particular platform. Because I understand how to design, the medium has been rendered largely trivial.

So while we will embark on this journey in code, let us strive for a deeper discipline of design that will translate beyond your text editor.


Some projects Chris has worked on.

Your past isn't perfect and your future isn't promised but it is your present that has great purpose and potential.