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  • WDT Capstone Fundamentals

  • WDT Certification

  • SET Rails

  • WDT Computer Science Fundamentals

  • WDT Server-Side JS with Node.js

  • WDT Frontend Frameworks

  • SDT Frontend

  • WDT Backend

  • WDT Frontend

  • SDT Backend

  • 8 years of experience

About Henry

Operating Systems

  • OS X

  • Linux

  • Windows

Additional Languages

  • Français

Henry’s Story

As a product manager and growth engineer, I have worked with world-class products at Tesla, Nextdoor, Gilt.com, and leading Techstars startups.

With a keen eye for UI/ UX, I am passionate about building products that delight users, data-driven growth engineering, and the power of community in marketing.

I have worked extensively with the latest development technologies: React, Angular, and Node.js – portfolio of selected projects below.

Besides my work in product development and growth marketing, I am involved with startups in Silicon Valley, New York, and global communities. I believe in fostering economic growth via entrepreneurship and investing in human capital. I believe in great people coming together to create positive change, no matter where you are from.

Fun facts: I am a long-time meditator, and an avid sailor, runner, and cyclist. I go to Burning Man every year, and have lived in 5 countries the past 10 years.


Some projects Henry has worked on.

"In the end, it's not the years in your life. It is the life in your years that counts." – Abraham Lincoln