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"I had a close mentor when I first started out doing web design. He guided me through the process of problem solving and designing with the user in mind. Since then, I've always had a desire to share that craft with other people who genuinely have a passion for design."

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  • 10 years of experience

About Joey

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Joey’s Story

Joey is the co-founder of Made by Munsters, a UX/UI design and full-stack development firm based in the Midwest. They work with clients like ESPN, Red Ventures, Frontier Communications, and other startups.

He's also the original creator and curriculum developer of Bloc's Designer Track and UX/UI Design course. He's the guy you'll hear constantly in the videos as you continue through your course.

Joey started out as a sports journalist, but because of the demands of being the college newspaper's editor-in-chief, he had to learn design so that the paper would go out every morning. After the first night, he fell madly in love.

Since then, Joey's path has shifted, but for the better. Working nights in Phoenix led to his first web design gig in Chicago, where he helped build a team of designers to lead one of the country's largest media company's User Experience group.

In the fall of 2012, Joey attended Bloc's web development course, after getting frustrated with other learning opportunities. Seeing the value of the apprenticeship and working with a mentor, he jumped at the chance to join Bloc's team to lead the design course.

"The value of having a mentor available to you is priceless. I remember getting started in design and getting stuck. ... The same happened when learning Ruby on Rails, which is why I turned to Bloc (as a student). There's no reason you should have to learn on your own. Having an experienced person to lean on is essential to your growth, and they can keep you in check."

Since jumping into web design, Joey has worked with several companies around the world in designing brands, web sites and mobile applications. He also tends to build out anything he designs, using HTML/CSS, Javascript, and sometimes, Rails.


Some projects Joey has worked on.

"Anyone passionate enough about learning a new craft will give their heart and soul to it. You can teach skill. You can't teach passion."