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"You cannot outperform your own self-image"

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  • WDT Server-Side Ruby on Rails

  • WDT Capstone Fundamentals

  • WDT Certification

  • WDT Programming Fundamentals

  • WDT Frontend & Programming Fundamentals

  • SDT Programming Fundamentals

  • WDT Frontend

  • WDT Specialization

  • SDT Frontend

  • SDT Specialization

  • Frontend Roadmap

  • WDT Backend

  • SDT Backend

  • SET Frontend

  • WDT Frontend Frameworks

  • 11 years of experience

About Mark

Operating Systems

  • OS X

  • Linux

  • Windows

Mark’s Story


If you're reading this, then you're in the process of selecting a mentor for your Bloc program. Let me congratulate you for taking on this important work.

This course is demanding and will prepare you well for your new career. As your mentor, I will challenge your perceptions and perspectives. I will encourage you, and push you, to become the incredibly better version of yourself you have imagined.

I have contributed the Bloc curriculum by writing the Alexa Project for Rails and Frontend, and the BlocTalk, Blocstagram Watch, and Swiftris Plus projects for iOS. I know the material you are about to dive into very well.

I am very active in the world of Amazon Alexa. I publish a weekly newsletter of resources for ASK developers. ASK, or Alexa Skills Kit, is the toolset for building the voice apps that live it the Amazon Echo. ASK apps are voice only, and while you can write them in almost any language, I use Node.js. You can subscribe to the newsletter at http://askdevweekly.com/.

Because of the newsletter and my other Alexa efforts, Amazon named me an Alexa Champion. (since this page doesn't support links, just google that to read more)

One of my life passions is the mashup of brain physiology, quantum physics, and philosophy. During our calls, I will be sharing insights from my knowledge and experience that will help you understand these topics and how to leverage that to get better - vastly better.

It would be my privilege and my pleasure to be your mentor.



Some projects Mark has worked on.

"It is easier to act your way to new thinking - than to think your way to new acting."