Navigating the Coding Ecosystem

Comparing Price, Length, & Workload of Learn to Code Courses.


What options do I have?

We analyzed 13 popular options for learning how to code. After assessing the basic facts — length of course, cost, and curriculum — we’ve sorted these courses into a few categories.


Intensive (40 - 80 hr/wk)
At Leisure (1 - 14 hr/wk)
Part Time (14 - 39 hr/wk)

Time And Intensity

How long is each program? What’s the weekly workload?

The best part about learning to code? There are a ton of options to fit your life. Time and intensity play a factor. An accelerated bootcamp with an intense weekly workload may offer the same amount of experience as a long term, choose your workload program, and vice versa.


Intensive (40 - 80 hr/wk)
At Leisure (1 - 14 hr/wk)
Part Time (14 - 39 hr/wk)
Intensity up to you


How good will I be when I’m done?

We’ve taken each course’s recommended weekly workload (15hrs/week, for example) and calculated how much time it would take to reach a minimum of 500 hours of experience — a decent chunk of the 10,000 hours required to master a skill. Some courses never reach 500 hours.


500 hours of experience
Program length
Choose your own pace


How much is the total cost of each program?

Monthly Subscription

Cost per Hour

How much do I pay — and how much do I learn?
(aka, what’s the bang for the buck?)

What you make of it —

These options don’t have a set time frame, nor do they have a required weekly workload. So, the value is entirely what you make of it.

Find What's Right For You

The Hobbyist
Try a self paced, or low intensity course.
“I’m new to coding. I want to learn how to build my own app, on my own time.”
  • holding an irregular schedule
  • unsure if coding is the right fit for you
  • learning to code just as a hobby
The Professional
Try a Part Time, mid intensity course.
“I work in a tech industry. I want to learn how to code like a professional.”
  • have a full time job
  • a busy life, with not too much free time (kids, family)
  • or a familiarity with coding, but no experience
The Job Seeker
Try a Full Time, Intensive course.
“I’m making a complete career change. I want to be a professional developer.”
  • looking to make a complete career change
  • ready to make learning to code your full-time job
  • frustrated that past efforts learning to code failed