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Software Developer Track

Master the computer science fundamentals to conquer your career

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Bloc prepares you to become a Software Developer

Web Developer

Design, build, debug and maintain web applications.


2016 Median Pay (US)

Software Developer

Design, build, debug and maintain web applications. Additionally, architect databases, improve performance using algorithms, modify extensive code bases, and solve complex problems.


2016 Median Pay (US)


Bloc provides the structure you need to get the job you want


Pick and choose from many available resources, without the crucial context of how they apply to landing your first development job and your career.


We leverage data from thousands of students to provide the right feedback at the right time, building a foundation of skills to set you up for long-term success after Bloc.


Bloc's Software Developer Track will prepare you for your next job

A mark of a great engineer is the drive to go deeper. Whereas a junior developer might opt for a quick fix, a great engineer will work to understand the guts of a program and get to the root of a problem. Proper debugging with thorough analysis is probably the single most important skill in an engineer’s toolbox.

Steven Grafton

Staff Engineer at Google

One thing that I look for in great engineers is the ability to pick which library or technology to use for a given project. Great engineers can articulate tradeoffs and know how to approach working with other pieces of technology.

Mo Kudek

Software Engineer at Twitter

[Bootcamp grads] can often code regular problems but don’t understand what goes on under the covers. Since much of my experience is with mobile devices, understanding what happens underneath a call to an algorithm or the use of a data structure can be critical to get desired performance.

Adam Fineman

Director of Platform Architecture at Amazon

The hiring market is saturated with people coming out of bootcamps - we can hire a few but don’t want to hire too many. The other thing we really like to see is someone who graduated from a bootcamp, then did something “real” - a job elsewhere, or an apprenticeship, or created a startup. Then we consider them on par with someone with a CS degree.

Ross Bell

Engineering Manager at Trunk Club

The barrier to entry in becoming a great engineer is more experience. Compared with a three month bootcamp, a one-year program makes a world of difference.

Bhargav Nookala

Software Engineer at Yelp

[Bootcamp grads often lack] computational understanding of what will cause problems with scale [and understanding the] nuances of different languages and what they are good for and why as opposed to just how to use them.

Matthew Mengerink

VP of Engineering at YouTube


Bloc's curriculum is designed with data from thousands of students

Build a professional portfolio of 6–8 projects with samples of open-source contributions

Instant feedback loops with quizzes to help you identify opportunities for improvement

Access to a community of 4,000+ students, alumni, and mentors for life-long support

Even if you are a beginner, we ensure you achieve mastery of these skills by the end of each module:
  • Demonstrate mastery of computer fundamentals and knowledge of the technology landscape.
  • Understand the program policies and graduation requirements.
  • Demonstrate readiness to make the commitment to complete the program successfully.
  • Assessment: Program prep and orientation quiz
  • Demonstrate an understanding of programming fundamentals (such as data types, conditionals, and loops) and apply them to new coding challenges.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Git commands and when to use them.
  • Recognize fundamental HTML and CSS syntax and understand what they do.
  • Assessment: 1-on-1 assessment and mock interview practice
  • Combine JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to construct interactive and responsive web applications.
  • Build large frontend applications using jQuery and React on top of a pre-built backend application.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply functional programming to writing DOM scripts.
  • Demonstrate an ability to debug code and write psuedocode.
  • Assessment: 1-on-1 assessment and mock interview practice
  • Understand MVC and create a new application using the MVC design pattern.
  • Understand CRUD and how to interact with data.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of different web development frameworks.
  • Assessment: 1-on-1 assessment and mock interview practice
  • Understand and complete user stories to build a full stack web application from scratch.
  • Plan how to execute on tasks and scope features under the guidance of a tech lead.
  • Write tests and refactor code for readability and efficiency.
  • Assessment: Complete two projects to mentor approval
  • Demonstrate proficiency with computer science data structures and algorithm complexity analysis.
  • Understand SQL relational databases and build an Object-Relational Mapping component for use in other software.
  • Understand HTTP foundations and write a custom website framework to respond to browser requests.
  • Assessment: Complete all sections to mentor approval
  • Understand best practices for working on a shared code base with a team of engineers.
  • Contribute to industry open source projects and analyze code written by others.
  • Develop and publish a new open source project for others to use and contribute to.
  • Assessment: Job readiness and application review by Career Services


Bloc is built for the outcomes that you want

Emiko Dodson

Sandy, UT

I can say with confidence that Bloc has changed my life in a very exciting way. I'm still going through Bloc's program and am very much a junior in my skills at this point, but I have been able to start a new career in the tech field. Now I'm a part of the Rails team at my company, and I have been learning so much from other developers. It feels like a dream every day.

Before Bloc, Emiko was a stay-at-home mom. Now, Emiko is a Jr Software Engineer at Orca Health.


Redwood City, CA

Bloc has allowed me to get a foothold in software engineering. It was the first rung on the ladder to working in an industry where I have more options on how and where I want to work, which is very important to me and my family.

Before Bloc, Kevin was an IT firm owner. Now, Kevin is a Software Engineer at Course Hero


Boise, ID

Since I was a kid playing Ultima on my Commadore 64, I have always wanted to make computer games and software, and in high-school that became web-sites and applications, but I never had the confidence that I would be able to do it. There are enough tools now, that anyone good at logic and with enough patience and determination can do this.

Before Bloc, Ben was a teacher. Now, Ben is a Developer at Retrolux.


Bloc stands by you with a Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee


Our holistic program includes:
  • Flexibility to learn from anywhere, on your your schedule
  • Accountability of 1-on-1 mentorship with an experienced developer
  • Structured curriculum covering full-stack web development
  • Robust Career Support program available from Day 1
  • Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee
What we hold you accountable for:
  • Complete the program requirements in full with mentor approval
  • Dedicate time to your job search consistently after your program ends
  • Communicate with us about your progress and goals throughout
  • See the eligibility terms


Bloc is one price, regardless of your chosen pace

Upfront payment Payment period Monthly payment Total cost
Bloc $19,500 $19,500
$10,000 18 months $611 $21,000
$5,000 18 months $972 $22,500
$3,000 28 months $804 $25,500
Skills Fund loan
Skills Fund loan
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Interest Only
None 3 years $152* $25,492
None 5 years $186* $29,236
Immediate Repayment
None 3 years $645 $23,213
None 5 years $441 $26,450

* Interest-only calculations are based off of the 54-week pace. Monthly payments will vary slightly based on program pace. Monthly payments for interest only loans begin to include principal repayment two months after program completion, which represents 91% deferred tuition.

Pace Options

Bloc offers three paces for Software Developer Track:

  • 2 years: 15–20 hours per week, 1 mentor meeting per week
  • 1 year: 25–30 hours per week, 2 mentor meetings per week
  • 9 months: 40+ hours per week, 3 mentor meetings per week

Tuition and payment plan options are the same regardless of the pace you choose. All paces include Career Services support and lifelong access to the Bloc student and alumni community. A Student Advisor can help you decide which pace is right for you.

Payment Plans

Financing options available for manageable monthly payments. We accept credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, checks, and PayPal.


Diversity and Merit Based Scholarships available. Schedule a call to learn more.

Refund Policy

We'll provide you with a full refund if you drop out within 7 days of starting your program. If you choose to drop out later, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of days you've spent in the program, minus a non-refundable fee of $250.

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