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Learn Swift

Build Your First iOS Game

Swiftris is a free tutorial that teaches the basics of Swift as you build a 2D puzzle game.

A free tutorial. Get access here.


Who Is This For?

Whether you're a seasoned programmer or a programming tadpole dipping its tail into the proverbial water, this Bloc Book is for you. It provides a step-by-step process which anyone can follow to create their very first iOS game written in Swift.

Who Are We?

Bloc is the world's largest online bootcamp, with immersive online programs in iOS, Android, Web Development, Frontend, and UX/UI Design, and have helped hundreds of people launch new careers. We believe in learning through building real apps, which is why we created Swiftris.


Getting Started
with Swiftris

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of Swift before acquainting you with some of its more advanced features. After completing this tutorial you will be comfortable enough to write Swift code on your own. This tutorial also covers the fundamentals of SpriteKit, Apple's 2D game engine API.

Swiftris 1
Adding Flair
Wrap everything together into one beautiful package
Swiftris 2
Touch Me, Move Me
Add tap, swipe and pan gesture handlers to your game scene
Swiftris 3
Playing by the Rules
Create a class which represents the mind of Swiftris
Swiftris 4
Let Them Fall
Draw shapes on the scene, watch them drop each loop
Swiftris 5
Shaping Up
Use Blocks to create shapes: L, J, T, S, Z, Line and Square
Swiftris 6
Block Party
Create a custom class to represent each block on screen
Swiftris 1
A Ticking Clock
Prepare Swiftris to support a timed update loop
Swiftris 2
And Array We Go
Learn how arrays work in Swift and create your own 2D array class
Swiftris 3
Adding Assets
Download and import the required sounds and images, add the background to the game scene
Swiftris 4
Creating a New Game Project
Start with an empty SpriteKit game project
Swiftris 5
Introduction to Swiftris
Get acquainted with the APIs Swiftris employs and download the latest version of Xcode

Here's What You'll Build

You may be familiar with other block-dropping games but don't be fooled, they all tore a page out of our book.

Well, maybe some of the ideas came from a Russian gentleman who wrote the very first iteration of it. Fine, we've built an homage to one of the greatest puzzle games ever made and its name happens to rhyme with Swiftris.

If you like that game , you're going to love the one you build yourself.

Get access to Swiftris.
It's free!

About the author


Stan Idesis

Swift begins with 'S' and so does Stan, it made sense for him to write this wonderful book. Stan is Bloc's Android director but he's no Google fanboy. When he's not busy developing mobile applications, he co-hosts a weekly podcast, performs long form improv, and writes articles targeting the parts of your brain which generate giggles.