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Bloc is built for busy people. Whether you want to become a developer as soon as possible or learn while you keep your job, we’ve got you covered.

360 Support ensures you’ll always find the answers

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Bloc Team

360 Support ensures you’ll always find the answers

Bloc Team

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Read more success stories

Personalized Paths

Work with Bloc to optimize your learning path based on where you want your career to take you.

  • • Build a professional portfolio with 6-8 projects
  • • Mastery learning assessments that model technical interviews
  • • Job-ready certificate that signals Bloc’s stamp of approval to employers
  • Orientation & Program Prep

    • • Demonstrate mastery of computer fundamentals and knowledge of the technology landscape.
    • • Understand the program policies and graduation requirements.
    • • Demonstrate readiness to make the commitment to complete the program successfully.
    • • Assessment: Program prep and orientation quiz.
  • Fundamentals

    The first portion of the program lays the foundation for your success throughout. At the end of it, you’ll complete a mock interview that assesses your mastery of core concepts before you move on.

  • Design and build accessible, architecturally sound client-side web applications.

    • • Create an accessible, responsive, static web page using semantic HTML, which is styled to specification with CSS.
    • • Solve problems by writing JavaScript programs.
    • • Build a well-architected, interactive web app which achieves a specified set of user stories.
    • • Design and build an original client-side web app that integrates with a 3rd-party API
    • • Build and deploy a complex React app that manages state, integrates with an API, and implements client-side routing.
  • Design and build secure, RESTful APIs.

    • • Run JavaScript programs outside the browser using Node.js.
    • • Create an Express server which supports all CRUD operations.
    • • Using PostgreSQL and Knex, build a relational database which supports all CRUD operations and integrates with an Express server.
  • Solve common computer science problems using advanced data structures and basic algorithms.

    • • Write recursive algorithms.
    • • Measure the performance of algorithms using Big O notation.
    • • Implement advanced data structures to solve problems.
    • • Implement searching and sorting algorithms to solve problems
  • Manage complex projects using an agile approach to web development.

    • • Design and scope a web app by defining a set of user stories and user flows.
    • • Prioritize and organize the implementation of user stories using a kanban board.
    • • Implement an iterative development cycle, moving from MVP to final product.
    • • Implement version control via Git and GitHub.
  • Get hired as a web developer

    • • Build a professional network.
    • • Compile a set of professional branding assets.
    • • Conduct technical job interviews.
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Flexible payments for a self-paced program

$7,500 CASH UPFRONT for 8 months of instruction


    $7,500 when you pay upfront


    Monthly payments of $1,063 ($8,500 total)

  • Skills Fund Loan

    Apply for a 3-5 year loan through Skills Fund ($8,500 total)

Extensions to programs are purchased in monthly increments. Learn more.

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