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Our Program Director explains how we designed Bloc to be online, part-time, and mentor-led.

Bloc Alumni

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Program Highlights

Bloc programs are intensive and outcome-oriented.

  • Mentorship 1-on-1 mentorship with an experienced developer
  • Projects Curriculum covering programming fundamentals and full stack web development
  • Job prep Robust Career Support Program

Who Should Take Our Track?

This program is for beginners. No previous programming experience is required. But be prepared for a rigorous, challenging program that requires consistency, discipline, and accountability. By the end of this program, you will have the skills to switch careers and become a developer.

What Results Can You Expect from This Program?

Bloc is proud of its student outcomes, and we are confident in the results of the Web Developer Track. We offer a full tuition reimbursement guarantee with our program. We encourage you to read Bloc’s reviews and the details of our Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee for more information on our commitment to launching a new career with you.

Learning at Bloc

Learn Anytime From Anywhere

We have perfected the balance between the rigor and structure of an on-premise bootcamp and the flexibility of a part-time remote program. Here’s how you’ll spend your time:

  • You set your own hours
  • Attend live 1-on-1 mentor appointments each week as you build real software
  • Access to recorded Tech Talks and Career Talks with leading employers like Mozilla and Amazon
  • Interact with fellow students, alumni, and mentors in Bloc’s vibrant community

Pace Options

27 weeks
Part-time pace | 20 hours per week
54 weeks
Part-time pace | 12 hours per week

The Power of Mentorship

Bloc mentors have on average 9 years of experience at companies like Apple, Uber, Netflix, and Google.

Whereas a classroom may have a 1-to-20 student-to-teacher ratio, Bloc is 1-on-1. Your mentor will give you individualized attention so you can master every concept before moving forward.

Your mentor will:

  • Pair program with you to build real software
  • Hold you accountable and offer extra help on your weaknesses
  • Critique your portfolio, conduct mock interviews, and coach you through the recruiting process

A Portfolio to Get You Hired

We’ve developed our curriculum in partnership with companies like Amazon and New Relic and teach frameworks backed by Google and Twitter.

Demonstrate skills employers covet with your online portfolio, 6-10 live applications, and project source code that’s publicly available on GitHub.

Career Support and Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Bloc offers a Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee: if you don't get a job within 180 days of graduating, we'll refund your tuition. Learn more here.

To ensure you get hired, our Career Support program begins on Day 0 and includes:

  • Programming Reinforcement curriculum to learn about data structures and algorithms to help you master the whiteboard interview
  • Expert critiques of your résumé, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub
  • Mock technical interviews with detailed coaching and feedback
  • Access to recorded Career Talks and TechTalks featuring top employers like Amazon and Mozilla
  • Networking opportunities with alumni at IBM, Salesforce, Apple, Square, Google, Twitter, Visa, Bank of America, Autodesk, BuzzFeed, General Electric, Zappos, Intuit, HubSpot, Groupon, and Lumosity
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There is nothing as effective as having an expert working along with you, side-by-side, helping you learn the craft and reach your goals.
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Tim Barnes
Lead Mentor
- Lead Mentor Tim Barnes

Bloc Mentors Hail From Leading Tech Companies Including...

Amazon Aol Apple Dell Envato Google Gopro Heroku Intuit Microsoft Mint Netflix Nokia Sapient Shopify Threadless Uber Upworthy

Master Every Part of the Web Stack

The Part-Time Web Developer Track covers programming fundamentals, frontend and backend web development, and specialized projects to pull everything together. You'll learn object-oriented programming, test-driven development, database management, SQL, full stack web development, and API design. You'll learn these concepts by using Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, and Angular, among other technologies.

You’ll complete assessments to test your understanding along the way, and must pass each assessment in order to move on. Graduates of the program will receive a Full Stack Web Developer certificate of completion.

1 Phase I Programming Fundamentals

Build Skills

Build the fundamental skills needed for web development as you learn HTML, CSS, the command line, Git, GitHub, JavaScript, and Ruby.
Command Line

Learn how to use your terminal to efficiently manipulate data and automate tasks.


Build a foundation for frontend development by learning HTML tags, elements, attributes, input types, and CSS styling and formatting.

Git and GitHub

Learn the canonical version control system and software that you'll use for all of your code.


Learn the syntax, variables, loops, conditionals, functions, data structures, advanced concepts, and best practices for frontend programming.


Learn object-oriented programming, basic programming mechanisms, and best practices for backend programming.

2 Phase II Web Development Foundation


Learn the fundamentals of frontend and backend web development.

Frontend Principles

Go Deep into JavaScript
Go Deep into JavaScript

Learn about Object-Oriented programming with JavaScript. Explore DOM Scripting, browser events, and JavaScript callbacks.

Intermediate Frontend Skills
Intermediate Frontend Skills

Go beyond basic HTML and CSS: learn to use CSS transitions, animation, and responsive CSS with media queries.

Build a Live App Using JavaScript and jQuery
Build a Live App Using JavaScript and jQuery

Build your own version of Spotify as a web app combining jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Backend Principles

Configure Your Development Environment
Configure Your Development Environment

Learn how to use command line and industry-standard tools like Sublime Text, Git, GitHub, and Heroku.

Learn Programming Fundamentals
Learn Programming Fundamentals

Learn programming fundamentals and the Ruby programming language.

Build a Live App Using Ruby on Rails
Build a Live App Using Ruby on Rails

Build your own version of Reddit.com as you learn the core concepts of web development with Rails.

3 Phase III Specialization

Student Projects

  • Blocjams
    Bloc Jams with AngularJS
    Refactor the Bloc Jams app to use Google’s AngularJS framework
  • Blocchat
    Bloc Chat with Firebase
    Build a real-time chat client using the Firebase Backend-as-a-Service
  • Bloctime
    Build a time management app that adopts the popular Pomodoro technique
  • Blocitoff
    Build a self-destructing to-do list app
  • Blocpong
    Build the classic arcade game using JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas element
  • Alexa
    Amazon Alexa Project
    Amazon has teamed with Bloc to build new capabilities for Amazon Echo like playing a song on Spotify or controlling a Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Blocipedia
    A SaaS app for users to create wikis
  • Blocmarks
    A social bookmarking app for users to manage and share bookmarked URLS
  • Blocmetrics
    An analytics API and reporting tool to track user activity in web apps
  • Api
    Open Todo API
    Build an API for a to-do list app that allows users to authenticate and manage their info externally
  • Gem
    Ruby Gem
    Create a Ruby Gem so any developer can access the Bloc API in their own app

Student Projects

Build four projects of your choice. Specialize in your interests.

4 Integrated Career Support

Career Support throughout the entire program. Ready from day one.

The Bloc Career Support Program is a holistic collection of curricula and services reserved for Part-Time Web Development Track students, designed to prepare you for the technical recruiting process and conduct a successful job search. Your Mentor will carefully review your resume and cover letter, lead mock phone screens, and conduct practice interviews so you can handle real technical interviews with confidence.

Bloc Web Development Alumnus

Meet Brittany


1-on-1 Mentorship

Learn from the best. Master technical skills and gain industry perspective from a developer with 9 years of experience on average.

Project-Oriented Curriculum

Learn two stacks as you build 6-10 apps including simple versions of Reddit, Spotify, Pinterest, and a capstone project entirely your own. Showcase your work in an online portfolio.

Job prep
Career Support

Complete mock technical interviews, attend Tech Talks from top employers, and network with alumni at top companies.

Payment Plans

Financing options available for manageable monthly payments. We accept credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, checks, and PayPal.


Diversity and Merit Based Scholarships available. Attend an info session to learn more.

Refund Policy

We'll provide you with a full refund if you drop out within 7 days of starting your course. If you choose to drop out later, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of days you've spent in the program, minus a non-refundable fee of $250.

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