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Build real projects with Rails with an expert mentor. Part-time or full-time.

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Program Highlights

Our Rails Fundamentals teaches you how to build robust, full stack web applications using the Rails framework. In the process of learning web development with Rails, you’ll learn the essentials of object-oriented programming with Ruby. Bloc programs are flexible, intensive, and outcome-oriented. All Bloc programs include:

  • Mentorship 1-on-1 Mentorship With an Experienced Developer
  • Projects Learning By Building Real Applications

Learning at Bloc

Learn Anytime From Anywhere

Pace Options

16 Weeks
25 hrs per wk 2 Mentor Meetings per wk
32 Weeks
10 hrs per wk 1 Mentor Meeting per wk

Choose a Dedicated Mentor

  • Ensure that you understand core concepts
  • Hold you accountable and keep you on track
  • Code review your projects and assignments

Build a Portfolio of Projects

Our curriculum is written by Bloc’s experienced developers and designers. As you progress through the Program with a Mentor, you’ll build a portfolio of three to five projects to enhance your skills.

There is nothing as effective as having an expert working along with you, side-by-side, helping you learn the craft and reach your goals.
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Tim Barnes
Squad Lead
- Squad Lead Tim Barnes

Rails Fundamentals Syllabus

Rails roadmap


In Bloc’s Rails Fundamentals program, you’ll learn how to create full stack web apps from scratch. You’ll learn common developer tools such as Git, GitHub, the command line, and Sublime, our recommended text editor. You’ll explore object-oriented programming with Ruby as you build a command line application. Finally, learn the Rails framework as you build a full stack application using test-driven development.

Learn tools like Git and GitHub, and object-oriented programming with Ruby
Explore web application architecture with the Rails framework
Build a replica of Reddit

Rails project


In the Project Phase of your apprenticeship, you’ll leverage the fundamentals learned in the Foundation Phase to build three to five production quality apps. You’ll work on a series of applications to create a portfolio that showcases your talent. During the Project Phase, your mentor will be your client, senior developer, and project manager. Your mentor will provide project requirements, feedback, code reviews, and advice.

Build 3-5 Production-Quality Rails Applications



A self-destructing to-do list application.



A SaaS application that allows users to build their own wikis.



A social bookmarking app for users to manage and share bookmarked URLs.



An analytics service and reporting tool for web apps to track user activity and report results.


Open Source API

An API for a to-do list application, so that users can authenticate and manage their information externally.



Define, scope, and build a project of your choice.

A Curriculum Catered to Your Goals

Allison railsheadshot

Launch Your Startup

Allison Vaughn

Always passionate about where programming and education intersect, Alli graduated Bloc's Rails program and is now applying those skills to her own startup.

Alumni screenshot rails

Bloc Web Development Alumnus

Meet Brittany


1-on-1 Mentorship

Learn under the guidance of an experienced web development mentor

Project-Oriented Curriculum

Build 3-5 projects for your portfolio as you progress through our hand-crafted curriculum

Payment Plans

Tuition can be paid upfront or over six installments. The installment plan: one payment of $2,000 upon enrollment, and 5 monthly installments of $700. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal.


Diversity and Merit Based Scholarships available. Attend an info session to learn more.

Refund Policy

We'll provide you with a full refund if you drop out within 7 days of starting your program. If you choose to drop out later, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of days you've spent in the program, minus a non-refundable fee of $250.

Next Start Date: Apr 29 th

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